Before the First World War there were not many houses in Enego in 1907 when Mr. Sante Cerato, the great-grandfather, an outstanding business man in the field of tourism, found a very suitable place. The building was begun and it was completed in 1910.
The First World War 1915-1918 devastated Enego. The front, the bombings, the surrender and the foreign occupation meant two years in exile far away from our land. When everything was over and the great-grandfather came back, he found his village and his hotel destroyed. The post war period was a difficult time, but things went better and better thanks to the post war support and to the courage everyone had in starting a new life.
The hotel was opened again in 1925, completely restored. During the Second World War it was turned into German head quarters. After the war it again gained its touristic identity to the present day by continuing in the sons’ management.