Ancien hotel history: Hotel San Marco in Enego

The history of our structure is linked, for better or for worse, to that of the places where it stands and, also for this reason, the hotel preserves and shows its love for its roots. The first brick was laid as early as 1907, when Enego was still a small rural town. With that founding gesture, Cerato Sante demonstrates an uncommon intuition towards hotel services and a crystalline awareness of the potential of the area. The building was completed in four years and in 1911 opened the doors to its first guests.

Hotel San Marco in Enego between wars

That first and enthusiastic adventure seems to die in its infancy due to the Great War that affects and devastates the entire Asiago area.

Sante and his family are forced to abandon their places and on their return they find a paradise reduced to rubble.

With a strong-willed spirit and hard-working perseverance, the activity began to welcome new generations of tourists in 1925, after a profound restructuring. Once again, it is war that upsets ambitions and aspirations. The building then becomes the German zone command, dramatically changing its destination.

The hotel in Enego and its renovation

After the difficult periods of reconstruction, the Cerato family continues in the work designed and started by Sante.

Finally, decades of peace pass, during which the structure finds real stability. Without ever forgetting its roots, the San Marco Hotel reaches the present day and preserves the welcoming spirit that has characterized its DNA during the toughest moments.

Today, transmitting the meanings and values of our land through a tailored hospitality service means paying homage to our history.

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