The property's restaurant and typical Venetian dishes

As Italian tradition requires, culinary offer is central to San Marco Hotel. The restaurant of our structure is appreciated for the search for flavors that best describe the land in which we have always identified ourselves. From breakfast to the main courses, you will be able to discover the typical dishes of the Veneto region, you will be able to take a route that will allow you to immerse yourself in the tradition of our places. Contact us to find out the menu and other details on our accommodation offer.


San Marco Restaurant : typical Venetian cuisine

Cheese and salami, Bigoi with duck, Vicenza-style cod, prosecco and grappa: our cuisine is attentive to natural cycles that contaminate our traditional menu.

From the very beginning and even more with the passing of the decades, we have chosen to offer a “typical” experience to all our visitors. This also means bringing to the table products and dishes that follow what nature offers, without forcing.

Typical Venetian products and welcoming atmosphere

Red Asigliano radicchio, broccoli, fresh fish, soppressa DOP, Asiago DOP, Val Liona ham, Berici black truffle, Grumolo rice, Marostica cherry: we select our raw materials among regional excellences.

We try to create best conditions for a unique experience of knowledge of flavors as informal and comfortable as possible. The dining room staff is at your service to illustrate our menu details and to introduce you to the history of dishes, pride of our  Venetian recipe book.