Welcome at Hotel San Marco and rooms

Wellness key point in hospitality lies in the character and organization of the rooms – intimate, private spaces designed to welcome guests and give them a comfortable experience. Rooms at San Marco Hotel are thought to exactly offer a corner where relaxation and pleasure during holiday reach their peak. Scroll through images, discover our services, contact us and ask for details if you intend to sleep in and around Vicenza.

3-stars hotel rooms : comfort

Hygiene is, without doubts, one of the key aspects we pay more attention to. We want to put our guests at ease during their stay and we pay special care to cleaning.

In addition to the most common linen change services, we offer deep sanitization of private and shared environments.

Each room is set up to offer everything you need during holidays.

TV, radio, telephone, safe, Wi-Fi connection: welcoming also means offering all those devices that have now become indispensable in everyday life.

The hotel in Vicenza province and panorama

Since 1911, foundation year of San Marco Hotel, we have been committed to take care of all those aspects that allow you to find an intense relaxation time.

For this reason our rooms are designed to create a soundproofed environment at any time of the day with different lighting solutions according to client needs.

Rooms also overlook the natural landscape that surrounds Enego. The view on Mount Ortigara completes our proposal and offers authentic pleasures.